No Event Name Date Time Start Time End Room
1Roundtable with Member Countries’ Technical Cooperation Bodies “Scaling Up and Enhancing Partnerships among IDBG Member Countries for Tangible Results”2016-05-158,3011,00Cendrawasih #2
2Enhancing Resilience in IDB Member Countries - Humanitarian & Development Nexus2016-05-158,3011,30Cendrawasih #1
3IDB Board of Executive Directors2016-05-159,0011,00Summit Room
4Board of Directors of the Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development (ISFD)2016-05-1511,3013,00Summit Room
5ADFIMI Board Meeting2016-05-1511,3013,30Cendrawasih #2
6General Assembly of Federation of Consultants from Islamic Countries (FCIC)2016-05-1511,3013,30Cendrawasih #3
7Board of Directors of the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD)2016-05-1513,3015,30Summit Room
8Role of Climate Friendly Transport Systems in Promoting Inclusive Growth2016-05-1514,0015,30Cendrawasih #1
9General Assembly of the Association of National Development Finance Institutions in Member Countries (ADFIMI)2016-05-1515,0017,00 Cendrawasih #2
10General Assembly of Federation of Contractors from Islamic Countries (FOCIC)2016-05-1515,0017,00Cendrawasih #3
11Board of Directors of the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC)2016-05-1516,0018,00Summit Room
12Water Crisis or Water Management Crisis: Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)2016-05-168,3011,00Cendrawasih #2
1311th IDB Global Forum on Islamic Finance: Role of Islamic Financing in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals2016-05-168,3012,30 Assembly Hall #1
14Supporting Smart, High and Inclusive Growth in Indonesia2016-05-169,0011,00Cendrawasih #1
15Youth in Development: Innovative Solutions for Financial Inclusion2016-05-1610,0016,00Cendrawasih #3
16Saudi - Indonesian B2B Meeting2016-05-1610,0020,00Fairmont Hotel
17Press Conference & Launching of the IDB Annual Report2016-05-1611,3012,30Summit Room
18High-level policy Dialogue for Advancing Islamic Finance and Impact Investment2016-05-1611,3013,30Cendrawasih #2
19Joint Knowledge Seminar with the World Bank- Doing it the Bottom-Up Way: Best Practices from the Integrated Community Driven Development (ICDD) Program, Indonesia2016-05-1613,0015,00Cendrawasih #1
20The Seminar on the “Development of Regional Transport Infrastructure Connectivity: A Network-Cum-Corridor Approach”2016-05-1613,0016,00 Assembly Hall #1
21Seminar on: Enhancing Technical Cooperation among MCs through Reverse Linkage “Together we overcome our Challenges”2016-05-1614,0018,00 Cendrawasih #2
22Fostering Development of Construction Industry in IDB Member Countries2016-05-1615,3017,30Cendrawasih #1
232030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: The Role of Multilateral Development Banks2016-05-1616,0017,00Assembly Hall #1
24Promoting Women's Inclusive and Sustainable Financial Growth: Challenges and Strategies2016-05-1616,3018,00Cendrawasih #3
25IDB Women Advisory Panel Meeting2016-05-1618,3020,30Cendrawasih #3
26IDB Group Private Sector Forum (ICIEC, ICD, ITFC, Thiqah, ITAP)2016-05-178,3018,00Cendrawasih #3
27Managing for Results: IDB Group Development Effectiveness Roundtable2016-05-179,0011,00Cendrawasih #1
28The First IDB Annual Consultative Forum with the Regional Cooperation Organizations in the OIC/IDB Region2016-05-179,0011,30Summit Room
29Annual Islamic Finance Conference/Forum on Sukuk For Infrastructure Development2016-05-179,0015,30Assembly Hall #1
30Fighting Poverty, Improving Lives, restoring Dignity: ISFD Strategy 2016-20252016-05-1711,1513,15Cendrawasih #2
31High-Level Forum on Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals in IDB Member Countries2016-05-1711,3013,00Cendrawasih #1
32ADFIMI/IDB CEO Seminar on the Status and Future of Financial Inclusion in the South East Asia2016-05-1713,3015,00Cendrawasih #2
33Coordination Group’s contribution to the Development of South-East Asia and Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation2016-05-1713,3015,30Cendrawasih #1
342 Launching of the Special Program for Central Asia (SPCA): Enhanced Competitiveness, Increased Trade and Economic Growth2016-05-1715,3017,00Cendrawasih #2
35Meeting of the Procedures Committee2016-05-1715,3017,00Summit Room
36Changing Dynamics of Energy Supply Security, Resource Diversification and Regional Integration & Connectivity2016-05-1716,0018,00 Assembly Hall #1
37Official Opening Ceremony of IDBG 41st Annual Meeting2016-05-1718,3020,00Plenary Room
381st Working session of the IDB Board of Governors2016-05-189,3012,00Assembly Hall #2
39Governors Working Lunch2016-05-1812,3014,30Cendrawasih #3
40Governors Forum: Leveraging Innovation for Sustainable Development in IsDB Member Countries2016-05-1815,0017,00Assembly Hall #1
412nd Working Session of the IDB Board of Governors2016-05-1817,3019,30Assembly Hall #2
42Dinner banquet hosted by the Government of Indonesia and Presentation of the IDB Prizes Winners Representatives in “Islamic Economics”, “Science and Technology”, and “Women's Contribution to Development”2016-05-1820,3021,30Plenary Room
43Meeting of Supreme Council for Al Aqsa & Al Quds Funds2020-05-197,309,00Summit Room
443rd Working Session of the IDB Board of Governors2020-05-199,0010,00Assembly Hall #2
45Meeting of Management Committee of Al-Aqsa & Al Quds Funds2020-05-199,3010,30Summit Room
4623rd Annual Meeting of BOG of (ICIEC)2020-05-1910,0010,30Assembly Hall #2
479th Annual Meeting of BOG of ISFD2020-05-1910,3011,00Assembly Hall #2
4816th General Assembly of (ICD)2020-05-1911,0011,30Assembly Hall #2
4911th General Assembly of (ITFC)2020-05-1911,3012,00Assembly Hall #2
50Closing Session of the Annual Meeting of the IDB Group2020-05-1912,0012,30Assembly Hall #2
51Signing of Agreements2020-05-1912,3013,30Assembly Hall #2
52Joint Press Conference of the Chairman, (BOG) and the President, IDBG2020-05-1914,0015,00Assembly Hall #2